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COMMUNITY PROGRAMS (groups of 12 or more)

What’s in the Water? - Did you know that fish and crabs can live in the Meadowlands marsh?  What are the water conditions needed to support life in this unique environment?  Learn about and use scientific tools to examine the water and get a close-up view of some marsh inhabitants.

Marsh Food Web - What eats what? Explore the food web of the marsh from primary producers to top consumers. Using the MarshAccess trail, learn about the lush plant and animal life found in the Meadowlands.  

Peek at the Past - What did the Meadowlands look like before humans arrived? How have humans used the marsh to meet their needs? Become an explorer by taking a peek at the past where you will learn how human history has shaped the Meadowlands area.

Legacy of the Landfill - Did you know that prior to the 1970’s the unregulated dumping of solid waste was a common occurrence in our area?  How has the presence of our local landfills affected the Meadowlands environment and our health?  What can you do to protect our environment?

What Does It Mean to "Go Green"? -See how ‘going green’ has been incorporated into the Meadowlands’ new science building.  Explore ways to incorporate ‘going green’ into your own life as a way to help save our planet.

The Sky over the Meadowlands - Ever wonder how certain constellations received their names?  Discover the ancient myths associated with constellations and observe what is visible in our sky through a telescope.

Flora of the Meadowlands - Do you know which flora is indigenous to the Meadowlands area?  Learn about specific flora’s history and whether they can be used as an edible or medicinal resource.  (Note:  This program is only offered in the spring and summer)

All programs incorporate adaptive approaches to science and use a variety of field experiences and science lab or computer lab activities for science exploration.

These programs are open to the community groups. For more information, please contact Michele Daly at 201-460-4623.