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Dr. John Sloan, Ph.D.
Director of the William D. McDowell Observatory/Adjunct, Ramapo College

His experience spans almost 35 years of teaching astronomy and physics in the university environment and management in the higher educational environment. He earned a Five College Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts, and a B.S. from Fairleigh Dickenson University College of Science and Engineering Magna cum laude with honors in Physics. In 1990 he joined Ramapo College and most recently served as the Director of Academic Computing & Campus Information Security Officer, while continuing as an adjunct professor within the Physics department. Previously he served as Manager of Scientific and Academic Computing for the University of Massachusetts Medical School/ Center, Worcester, Massachusetts.

As the director of the observatory, John enjoyed the challenge of getting the new observatory up and running to support the MEC's mission for environmental and scientific education, and working to bring the excitement of astronomy to the Meadowlands community.